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Breed: British Longhair

Color: Blue Golden Chinchilla

Index breed and color: BRL ay 12

Full name: Lorin's Pride Inga Rapunzel

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: March, 31, 2022

Documents: CFA registration certificate, veterinary passport with vaccinations, parasite prevention

This cat is incredibly agile, always swift and graceful in her movements. She possesses sharp intelligence, quickly learning new skills and effortlessly solving tasks. Additionally, she is caring and devoted to her loved ones, always ready to support and protect them. Her blue-gold chinchilla coat adds a touch of unique charm and allure to her appearance. Her green eyes shine with intellect and curiosity, reflecting her cleverness and intuition. This cat is the perfect companion, offering not only impressive physical agility but also intellectual stimulation. She brings joy and excitement to the home with her energy and care for her loved ones.

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IMG_7542 2.HEIC
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