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Highland Fold Longhair (SFL)

The Highland Fold Longhair breed has a fascinating history that began with the Scottish Fold cats. The breed originated in Scotland in the 1960s when a spontaneous mutation occurred, resulting in kittens with folded ears. These unique cats quickly gained popularity and were crossed with British Longhair cats to further enhance their appearance and coat length. The Highland Fold Longhair breed was officially recognized in the early 2000s, celebrating their distinctive folded ears and luxurious long hair. Today, they stand as a testament to the dedication of breeders who carefully developed and preserved this remarkable breed, delighting cat enthusiasts with their captivating beauty and endearing personality.


Highland Fold Longhair cats are a breed that captivates with their stunning appearance and unique folded ears. Their long, dense fur and amazing ear folds create an impression of grandeur and elegance. These cats attract attention with their elegance and distinctive ear fold feature.

Highland Fold Longhair cats have a gentle and friendly nature, making them perfect companions for families and individuals. They love being the center of attention and adore affection. These cats have a calm and balanced temperament, allowing them to coexist well with other pets and be excellent companions for children.


With their thick and fluffy coat, Highland Fold Longhair cats exude a sense of luxury and comfort. Their coat requires some grooming effort, including regular brushing and maintenance, but the care pays off with their unique appearance and gentle touch.

Highland Fold Longhair cats have excellent health and resilience. They originated from the Scottish Fold and British Longhair breeds, inheriting their sturdy physical constitution. These cats are active and playful, happily engaging in games and entertainment. A Highland Fold Longhair cat will be a wonderful addition to your family, bringing joy and delight every day.


Our Highland Fold Longhair Cat


Breed: Highland Fold Longhair (SFL)

Color: Black Golden Shaded (ny 1133)

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