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Scotties Fold Shorthair (SFS)

Scottish Fold cats are a breed that captures attention with their unique feature - folded ears. This breed originated from a little kitten named Susie, who had folded ears. Her distinctive trait was perpetuated through selective breeding, and now Scottish Fold cats possess this remarkable characteristic.

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One of the most notable traits of Scottish Fold cats is their gentle and calm demeanor. They are known for their affectionate nature and often become wonderful companions for their owners. They are usually very attached to their humans and enjoy spending time in their company.

Scottish Fold cats have a striking appearance. They have beautiful round eyes and an enchanting facial expression. Their body is compact and muscular, and their coat can come in various colors and patterns. Their unique folded ears make them even more appealing and irresistible.

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Scottish Fold cats adapt well to different circumstances and easily adjust to a new home. They are friendly and sociable, making them great companions for families with children and other pets. They enjoy playtime and bonding with the family but also appreciate quiet moments when they can be petted and cared for.

These cats are an excellent choice for those seeking a special breed with unique characteristics. Scottish Fold cats perfectly blend an attractive appearance with a balanced temperament. They will bring warmth and joy to your home, and every day with them will be filled with tenderness and delightful moments.


Our Scotties Fold Cats


Breed: Scotties Fold Shorthair (SFS)

Color: Seal Silver Shaded Point


Breed: Scotties Fold Shorthair (SFS)

Color: White


Breed: Scotties Fold Shorthair (SFS)

Color: Blue 


Breed: Scotties Fold Shorthair (SFS)

Color: Seal Silver Shaded Point


Breed: Scotties Fold Shorthair (SFS)

Color: White Point

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